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This difference between European and American use of "source criticism" is somewhat strange considering the influence of Ranke on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Evaluating Information: A Guide for Users of Social Science Research. "The empirical case study showed that most people find it difficult to assess questions of cognitive authority and media credibility in a general sense, for example, by comparing the overall credibility of newspapers and the Internet. Finding Credible Information: A Challenge to Students Writing Academic Essays. It is in particular related to "tendency analysis".

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Vetus Testamentum, Volume 33, Number 4, 483488. Pragmatism evaluate sources on the basis of how their values and usefulness to accomplish certain outcomes. A primary source is more reliable than a secondary source, which in turn is more reliable than a tertiary source and. Journalism edit See also: Journalism fraud Journalists often work with strong time pressure and have access to only a limited number of information sources such as news bureaus, persons which may be interviewed, newspapers, journals and so on (see journalism sourcing ). Wilkinson,.L., Bennett,.T., Oliver,.M. American Psychologist, 34, 2,. . If two independently created sources agree on a matter, the reliability of each is measureably enhanced. For literary sources we might add complementing criteria: Does the source contain a bibliography? The closer a source is to the event which it purports to describe, the more one can trust it to give an accurate description of what really happened.