ECVET for Elderly Care (EFEC)

ECVET for Elderly Care (EFEC) is one of the transnational partnerships called Sector Skills Alliances (SSA) proposed by the Commission of the European Union. The EFEC project improves comparability, transparency and mutual recognition of qualifications in the six partner countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, United Kingdom) and implements ECVET principles in the elderly care work. It lasts two years from January 2013 to December 2014.

The EFEC is based on a number of earlier projects linked to its objectives. The following projects with a website were related to the social and health care sector: eVHa, EVOC, HETA-ECVET, HomE-ECVETInhomEx-VETPRO, PROCARING, TRAIN and Wellness.


The Europe 2020 Strategy has set an ambitious target of a 75% employment rate to be achieved by 2020. In this context, the Bruges Communiqué calls for vocational and educational training (VET) to better respond to labour market needs. This requires improved understanding of emerging and evolving sectors and their skills needs as well as better mechanisms to translate this understanding into corresponding training provision.

The EFEC project addresses the following challenges:


Objectives of the EFEC project are to



Sector Skills Alliances (SSA) promote cooperation between three categories of partners: the world of education and training (VET providers); sector-specific expertise (social partners, sectoral federations, Chambers etc.); and bodies involved in education and training systems (public or private bodies or authorities). The EFEC project has the following partners.

  Bodies and Authorities VET Providers Sector-specific Expertise











United Kingdom