it further. Pike glimpses his fate. Kirk doesnt believe in the no-win scenario. Longtime fans of Star Trek know how this ends. Sonequa, the idea that Lieutenant Uhura was monumental in the sixties. Could you talk about that a little bit? Not only does Pikes decision in this episode make him one the bravest Star Trek captains ever, we now know he actually faced and passed one test that James. A good look at the saucer and the deflector dish. The whole thing is a trap, and everyone is going to die. He knows he has to decide right there, alone with a Klingon he only just met, who hes going. Deflector Dish, moving down to the deflector dish, the. The Original Series, uSS Enterprise looked somewhat different in the first pilot The Cage. Abrams reboot Trek movies; a version of the character who was super-likable, but also totally flat. Star Trek: Enterprise, and yes, a dash of the Kelvin-universe USS Enterprise as well. Discovery episode, if Memory Serves, its made pretty clear that Pike still feels hugely conflicted about leaving Vina behind on Talos. It was updated again for the second pilot, Where No Man Has Gone Before, and was then more dramatically re-worked a third time when the show was picked up for series. The bridge modules were also different; in both pilots they were taller. Enterprise not being involved in the war. Keep in mind, that this is the same character who in The Cage, actually tells the ships doctor hes thinking about giving up being a starship captain and has kind of, sort of, toyed around with. Its just that when it comes to facing an impossible decision, Kirks always going to find a way to weasel out. The second pilot version of the Enterprise. The original, enterprise (s for those who may be unaware, the filming model for.